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Emma Aylward
My name is Emma-Rose

Emma is the powerhouse, pocket rocket owner of Pure Cosmetic who has build her own little empire in just a short 3.5 years. Offering a wealth of knowledge of all things cosmetic injecting & aesthetics, Emma is consistently up to date with all of the latest training & techniques.

Beginning her career path back in 2010 by completing her nursing then business diploma – Post university Emma worked alongside some fabulous plastic surgeons & cosmetic surgeons in a private hospital setting.

Moving forward to work part time as a RN whilst pursuing her career in cosmetic injecting. Emma is always seen at cosmetic training seminars & workshop liaising and networking with the best in the industry. Pure Cosmetic – as a whole – believes in ‘enhancing’ each individual face rather than changing them.

Every single person has a natural beauty that we endeavour to embrace. You will have complete faith in our products, procedures & treatments knowing you are in safe & knowledgable hands.

Working with anti-aging not only allows me to keep up to date, it also allows me to attend all the latest conferences with doctors and nurse injectors from all over the world who share their knowledge and experience to improve client satisfaction and outcomes.

My plan for the future is to keep learning, always have high rates of client satisfaction and never stop loving what I do.